Den Brook


Invitation for Grant Applications – Winter 2017/18


Community groups or individuals intending to form a community group based in the geographic areas served byBow, North Tawton, South Tawton, Spreyton, & Zeal Monachorum are invited to submit bids for funding from the Den Brook Community Fund.


The committee meet twice a year to allocate funds and the deadline for the current round of bids is 31st January 2018.


The fund is not intended to replace or supplement existing revenue funding, but to support specific change projects which are unable to be funded through other resources. The aims of projects submitted for consideration should include at least one of the following priorities-


  • benefit physical health and mental well-being
  • promote care and support of disadvantaged or vulnerable people
  • encourage and support voluntary activity, community spirit and participation through social, sporting and cultural activities.
  • improve local employment opportunities
  • produce deliverable benefits to local communities which provide a sustainable legacy over an extended period of time
  • ideally benefit more than one DBCF participating parish
  • provide environmental benefits which contribute to energy efficiency initiatives
  • promote equality of opportunity through delivery of neutral, secular, and a-political outcomes


Overall, the project should promote social and environmental sustainability initiatives for the benefit of the communities within the environs of the Den Brook wind farm.


The committee will only consider proposals submitted on the official application form which can be obtained from the Fund Manager, Den Brook Community Fund,c/o North Tawton Council Offices,14a The Square,North Tawton,EX20 2EP, or by e-mail from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , together with guidance and advice on the process,  eligibility criteria and terms and conditions.



The Den Brook Community Fund is administered by representatives of Bow, North Tawton, South Tawton, Spreyton, & Zeal Monachorum Town and Parish Councils.