Cemetery Regulations

The Town Council has recently reviewed the Cemetery Regulations.  Councillors do realise that this is a very sensitive subject.  The Cemetery Regulations can be viewed on our website, on the notice board in the Cemetery or you can call into the office to view them.


An inspection of the cemetery has recently been carried out when it was noted various pots and various types of plant containers, trinkets, lights and stone and plastic animals etc. on graves.


Briefly the amendments are:


Small wooden crosses will be allowed, for a period of 12 months, prior to the erection of a headstone. 

No permanent wooden crosses will be allowed.

No planting on graves will be allowed, but floral tributes will be allowed.

No plant pots, troughs, trinkets, lights, stone or plastic animals etc. etc. will be allowed.

All new Garden of Remembrance tablets should include an integral vase for flowers, and installed level with the ground.

Councillors agreed that after publication in the Roundabout a period of 3 months shall be given for items to be removed, including the wooden crosses, after which time the Town Council will remove and store the items.

Download this file (CEMETERY REGULATIONS amended 1st September 2015.pdf)Cemetery Regulations196 Kb