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Elections 7th May 2015

As only 8 nominations were received, an election for the Town Council is not required; the following have therefore been duly elected to serve as Town Councillors:

Dr Peter Brickley         Mrs Carol Burrow

Mr Kevin Hodge           Mrs Gill Hoggins

Mr Ian MacLeod           Mrs Annette Ponsford

Mrs Kirsty Tizard         Mr Steve Whiteley

Soon after the 7th May notices will be published regarding Co-Option of four Councillors to the Town Council.  

Back in February 2014, the Town Council distributed a questionnaire to all 800 homes in the parish of North Tawton. 325 usable forms were returned and at last they have been fully analysed by the Group who are preparing the town development plan.  The results were presented on 24th March in the Council Offices and summaries made available at the West Devon planning day Saturday 21st March.

Below is a reminder of the scope of the survey and some of the key findings which will shape the Town’s Development Plan.

The first questions collected data on where in North Tawton the replies came from, age group , how long people had lived in North Tawton and if they working or retired.  It was pleasing to see we had a good cross section of post codes age and length of time living here.

The residents were asked what they enjoy about living in North Tawton, and about any concerns they had.  They indicated their concerns and parking is the major problem, there were a lesser number of people raising litter and dog fouling.  Perhaps partly because of the timing of the questionnaire some raised concerns about the state of the roads and pavements. Last summer saw a lot of work done in Fore Street and with the bridge so that may be less of a problem now. Returning to the key concern Car Parking there are two aspects to this issue to ensure the shops get used and parking for residents. Both problems will be discussed fully by the planning group.

Most residents highly value the rural setting of the town, and views of the surrounding countryside, in which many enjoy walking and observing wildlife. They said that they would like the greenfield areas surrounding the town to be protected from future development".


The next part of the survey asked for comments on the current housing and the style of new housing preferred should some inevitably be approved. The clear message from these questions was please retain the style of North Tawton as small rural town. With residents saying quite clearly keep the additional numbers to a minimum, they should be traditional in style and built on brownfield sites.  The gardens should be larger than those on recent new houses and 3 bedroom houses or bungalows are preferred.

The next important area covered by the survey was renewable energy with a clear majority saying we should have “Green Energy” in the parish but schemes proposed to date have been too big and on agricultural land. The town seemed to be saying several smaller schemes on brownfield sites (or roof tops) is the way forward.

Several other topics were covered by the survey and all have been analysed. A full set of charts and tables are available on the Town Web Site and a paper copy is in the Council Offices. Please come and see the full analysis.


Co-Option of Town Councillors

Now that the elections have taken place, the Town Council have eight duly elected Councillors.  The Town Council is made up of twelve Councillors so we need four more people willing to stand for Co-Option.  We are required to Co-Opt by the 26th June 2015.

Are you willing to join our team, serve the community you live in, you could make a difference.  If you are interested, please come in to have a chat or send a letter outlining why you wish to become a Councillor.  Co-Option will take place at the Ordinary Meeting of the Town Council on Tuesday 2nd June 2015.  Please the National Association of Local Council's Good Councillor's Guide

Qualifications to be a Councillor

A person is qualified to be elected and to be a councillor if they are a British, Commonwealth, Irish or European Union citizen and on the relevant day (that is, the day of nomination or election) they are 18 or over. In addition, the person must meet at least one of the following criteria

(1) on the relevant day and thereafter they continue to be on the electoral register for the parish, or

(2) during the whole of the twelve months before that day they have owned or tenanted land or premises in the parish, or

(3) during the whole of the twelve months before that day their principal or only place of work has been in the parish, or

(4) during the whole of the twelve months before that day they have resided in the parish or within three miles of it.

Except for qualification (1), these qualifications then continue for the full term of office, until the next ordinary elections. Certain people are disqualified from standing, and these include paid officers (including the Clerks) of the council, bankrupts and those subject to recent sentences of imprisonment.

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